#10 クルマに搭載される半導体の研究開発(信頼性評価)





クルマにはECU(Electric Control Unit)と呼ばれる電子制御部品が搭載されています。











#10 Research and development of semiconductor to be mounted on the car ( reliability evaluation )

・Technical development for improving reliability of semiconductors

・Evaluation and analysis related to the semiconductor of reliability

・Development apparatus for evaluating reliability of semiconductors


Electronic control components called ECU (Electric Control Unit) has been installed in the car .

ECU such thing as a small computer , for example , engine , air conditioning , power windows , lights ON / OFF, all turn signal , etc. are electronically controlled , Electronic board will be found , respectively .

In addition, in the board semiconductor has attached a lot . To improve the reliability of semiconductors have made ​​research and development every day , our members are involved.



#9 ハイブリッド自動車の走行試験











#9 Running test of the hybrid vehicle

・In the development of a hybrid vehicle , the planning of the test run , implementation

・Test data collection , analysis

・Driving implementation of the test car in the test course for the test



#8 スポーツ車両の企画・開発(LEXUS F・SPORT)






GAZOO RACING開発者インタビュー↓

LEXUS ISFウェブサイト↓










#8 Planning and development of sports vehicle (LEXUS F · SPORT)

・Planning and development of LEXUS F · Sports

・Concept planning – design of F-Sport dedicated aero parts

・Test run at the Fuji Speedway , held of LEXUS owners events