#58 燃料電池自動車(FC車)専用部品の開発(CFRP開発)

#58 燃料電池自動車(FC車)専用部品の開発(CFRP開発)











#58 Fuel cell vehicles (FC vehicles) development of private parts (CFRP development )

・development of parts with CFRP ( carbon fiber plastics ), which is mounted on a fuel cell vehicle

・CFRP durable covering the hydrogen tank , strength test – data up , CAE analysis

・Meeting of prototype development and the related manufacturers


※CFRP ( carbon fiber reinforced plastic )・・・Carbon fiber characteristic that blessed with a high strength and lightness fiber reinforced plastic with a ( fiber made ​​by carbonizing at high temperatures such as acrylic fiber and oil coal as a raw material ) . In addition to being used such as golf club shafts and fishing rods , in recent years , it is used such as the wing of the aircraft beginning the body parts of the vehicle.